Decoding 520B: Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Enigmatic Code

What Does 520B Mean on a Koken Barber Chair?

Welcome to Barber Chair Site, where we bring you all the insights and expertise on everything related to barber chairs. In this article, we will be delving into the meaning and significance of the code “520B” on a Koken barber chair.

Understanding Koken Barber Chairs

Koken, a renowned American company, has been manufacturing barber chairs since the late 1800s. These chairs have become iconic in the barbering industry due to their exceptional craftsmanship, durability, and classic design elements. Collectors and enthusiasts alike often seek out vintage Koken barber chairs to add a touch of nostalgia to their barbershops or personal spaces.

When it comes to Koken barber chairs, each model typically has a unique code or serial number associated with it. One such code is “520B,” which holds specific meaning in terms of identifying the chair’s features and history.

Decoding the “520B” Code

Let’s break down the “520B” code on a Koken barber chair:

5Overall Design Type
2Specific Design Variation
0Upholstery Type
BExtras or Modifications

By understanding the meaning behind each element of the code, we gain valuable insights into the chair’s characteristics.

Breaking Down Each Element of the Code

Let’s explore each element in detail:

3.1. Overall Design Type

The first digit of the code, in this case, “5,” represents the overall design type of the Koken barber chair. Koken produced several design types over the years, and each number signifies a distinct style. Here are a few common design types:

  • 1: Round Back
  • 2: Square Back
  • 3: Fluted Sides
  • 4: Lever Controlled
  • 5: A.J. Koken Legacy Design

Based on the “520B” code, we can deduce that the chair falls into the “A.J. Koken Legacy Design” category, which pays homage to the company’s founder and his original designs.

3.2. Specific Design Variation

The second digit, “2” in this case, represents the specific design variation within the chosen design type. This digit further refines the characteristics of the chair. For the “A.J. Koken Legacy Design,” the specific design variation “2” could indicate a specific variation in the armrest or footrest design.

3.3. Upholstery Type

The third digit, “0,” denotes the upholstery type used on the chair. Koken offered a range of upholstery options to cater to different tastes and preferences. Here are a few common upholstery types:

CodeUpholstery Type
0Black Leather
1Brown Leather
2White Leather

In our case, the “0” suggests that the barber chair features black leather upholstery.

3.4. Extras or Modifications

The final letter, “B,” represents any extras or modifications made to the standard chair design. These modifications could include features like a headrest, adjustable footrest, or custom color options. The “B” specifically refers to a specific set of extras that are unique to the chair model.


Understanding the significance of the “520B” code on a Koken barber chair enhances your knowledge and appreciation of this iconic piece of furniture. This code provides valuable insights into the chair’s design type, variation, upholstery type, and any extras or modifications.

Whether you’re a barber chair collector, salon owner, or simply a fan of vintage aesthetics, decoding the code adds to the charm and history of your Koken barber chair.

Stay tuned to Barber Chair Site for more fascinating articles on barber chairs, their history, maintenance tips, and everything else you need to know.






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